The objectives of the Hispanic/Latino Faculty and Staff Caucus are to facilitate and influence UNC Charlotte policies that affect the educational and profesional development of its members, to promote community involvement and awarness, and to provide guidance regarding its activities and goals.

Some of the functions of the Hipanic/Latino Faculty and Staff Caucus are:

  1. Serve as support network for Hispanic/Latino members of the university community and articulate the collective concerns to the appropriate university officials
  2. Identify the profesional needs of the Hispani/Latino community and design programs to address those needs
  3. Advise university officials on how to best attract and retain more Hispani/Latino faculty,staff, and administrators in the context of University Goal 5
  4. Promote active representation on University committees and task forces
  5. Meet with the Chancellor at least once per year and serve in an advisory capacity to his office
  6. Maintain and develop new channels of communication with Hispanic/Latino student organizations and the Charlotte community at large
  7. Develop financial and other resources necesary to maintain the effectiveness of the Hispanic/Latino Faculty and Staff Caucus

Membership and Administration designations are as follows:

  • Executive Officers
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Committees Chairperson
      • Recruitment
      • Social
      • Ad Hoc
  • Regular Member
  • Associate Member
  • General Body

If you like to become a member of the Hispanic/Latino Faculty and Staff Caucus please go to the Membership tab and fill the application.

The Hispanic/Latino Faculty and Staff Caucus meet at least one time prior to the legislative meetings.  Special meetings shall be held at the discretion of the President or upon request.  The dates of the meetings will be on the News and Events tab of this webpage and the agendas and/or minutes will be uploaded in the Meetings tab.

To download the complete constitution of the Hispanic/Latino Faculty and Staff Caucus please go to the following link: Constitution (PDF).